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The Case for Adding a Wellness Program

As a business owner, are you focusing on work performance, or lowering your healthcare costs?

Only 19% of employers are focusing on impacting both. Here’s why you should consider becoming part of the 46% of employers that will be adding a wellness program in the next three to five years.

A recent study conducted by Humana involved their employees over a 3-year period of time. The results are more than interesting.

Medical claims decreased by 10.1% in the participating group, while claims increased by 17% by the non-participating group. Lower claim costs equals bottom line savings.

Lower Absenteeism
Non-Participating members had 35% more unscheduled absences than those that were participating in the wellness plan. Less absenteeism means a workforce that is on the job, impacting work performance.

Controlling “Bad Habits” impacts Chronic Conditions
Those that participated in the wellness program found that the number that moved into a low-risk category increased by 25%. Chronic conditions are responsible for the bulk of healthcare costs in the U.S. Lower risks for chronic conditions means happier and healthier employees.

Fewer Emergency Room Related Visits
Non-participating members experienced 56% more emergency Room Visits, and 37% more hospital visits than participating members. Generally, less emergency healthcare means less healthcare costs. And with an increase in regular physicals and screenings, employees can be healthier and more productive.

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