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If you are looking for Individual Insurance let’s consider the most important facts:

Our Service and Advice is free to you. –

  • You don’t pay us a thing. The insurance company pays us a commission, and our advice is NOT based on what we make.

We have access to all of the Insurance Companies –

  • With the advent of technology we are able to quote the major (and some not so major) insurance carriers that are licensed in Colorado, and Arizona. This allows you more choice.

We are fighting for you! –

  • It’s not just a matter of getting a quote and finding the best option. Claims, and billing concerns and most importantly – life changing events are inevitable. We are here to assist after the sale, too!

Medical Options – Click Here For Quotes


Medical Quoting Engine

Short Term Medical – IHC Holding Group
Worldwide Travel / International Medical (see options below)Smith & Company has chosen International Medical Group (IMG) as our preferred travel and international medical insurance provider. We know that the reasons to travel abroad are many and varied and so are their products.
Travel Insurance is VITAL even if you have individual, or group medical coverage already. You current insurance will only reimburse you after you have paid your claim, and you generally only have this protection for up to 90-days. Travel insurance will work with the providers in the country that you are visiting, and the coverage also can provide travel back to the U.S. should your condition warrant it.
For your convenience and to assist you in determining which plan is right for you, simply click on the appropriate need that you have. There will be more specific products beneath that will better meet your needs.
Coverage for Individuals & Families:

Patriot Travel – Individual & family – Short-term coverage available from five days up to two years.

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Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance – Individual & family – First-class short-term coverage available from five days up to three years.

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Patriot Multi-Trip – Individual & family – Short-term coverage available up to three years for travelers who take frequent trips throughout the year.

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Group coverage for employees around the world or short-term coverage for travelers outside their home country – Multiple options are available please contact us for selecting the correct plan.

Scholars, faculty and student coverage while traveling, working or studying outside their home country – Multiple options are available please contact us for selecting the correct plan.

Individual & family coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay, medical expenses and baggage:

Patriot T.R.I.P.® – Individual & family – Travel protection program.

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Patriot T.R.I.P.® Elite – Individual & family – First-class travel protection program.

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Patriot T.R.I.P.® Essential – Individual & family – Short-term coverage available up to three years for travelers who take frequent trips throughout the year.

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Specialty coverage – plans for evacuation only, adventure sports

Patriot Adventure Travel Medical Insurance – Individual & family – Short-term medical coverage available from 30 days up to six months for adventure sports enthusiasts.

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Sky Rescue – Individuals or groups of two or more – Short-term coverage available from three to twelve months for those needing emergency care & services.

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The prospect of moving from a private insurance plan, to Medicare can be daunting and confusing. We are happy to assist in answering your questions. Here are a couple of videos that may answer some initial questions.

What does Medicare cost? What is Medicare Advantage?

Life Insurance

Which type is best for you? Each person, and their individual needs are unique. It is important that we discuss these situations with you personally to determine what is an adequate amount of coverage, as well as which coverage best suits your needs. Additionally, we will need to ask some personal question about your height, weight, tobacco usage, and health history that you may not want floating around the internet. If you would like a quote, call us at 800.284.2849.

Types of Life Policies:

Cash Value or Cash Surrender Value aka Permanent Insurance
These policies collect the cost of the insurance, plus a pro-rated addition. The excess is then “invested” in a managed pool of money. The intent is to build a separate savings option that can be borrowed, or withdrawn at some future point in time. The, cash value is the amount the insurer would return to the policyholder if the policy were cancelled before a death benefit is paid out. Whole Life, Universal Life, and Indexed Policies fall into this category.Term Life Insurance
This is an insurance policy that provides a death benefit for a specific period of time. The policy provides a death benefit only. The policy does not have an investment feature to accumulate cash values the way whole life insurance does. Subsequently a missed payment can cause a policy to lapse. Premiums are generally much lower than for cash value life insurance.Universal Life Insurance
This is a flexible form of life insurance in which the policyholder may change the amount of death benefit (with evidence of insurability for increases), the amount of premium payments, and when premiums are paid.Whole Life Insurance
Life insurance that provides death benefit coverage but also includes an investment feature and accumulates cash values. Unlike term insurance, for which annual premiums generally increase with age, whole life insurance generally has level premiums for the length of the policy.Variable Life Insurance
A form of life insurance with steady premiums but a death benefit that fluctuates (above a guaranteed minimum) with the value of investments backing the contract.

Disability Insurance

The basis of ANY sound financial plan should always include disability insurance. The inability to pay bills because of a disabling injury, or illness is the leading cause of most bankruptcies. Contrary to popular opinion, 90% of all long-term disability claims are due to sickness, not an accident. What are your chances of becoming disabled?

Disability Statistics:
• According to CDA’s 2013 Long-Term Disability Claims Review1, the following were the leading causes of new disability claims in 2012:

o Musculoskeletal/connective tissue disorders (28.5%) *
o Cancer (14.6%)
o Injuries and poisoning (10.6%)
o Mental disorders (8.9%)
o Cardiovascular/circulatory disorders (8.2%)

• The most common causes of existing disability claims in 2012 were:

o Musculoskeletal/connective tissue disorders (30.7%) *
o Disorders of the nervous system and sense organs (14.2%)
o Cardiovascular/circulatory disorders (12.1%)
o Cancer (9.0%)
o Mental disorders (7.7%)

• Approximately 90% of disabilities are caused by illnesses rather than accidents.
• Medical problems contributed to 62%2 of all personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. in 2007- an estimate of over 500,000.3 This is a 50% increase over results from a similar 2001 study.
• Medical problems contributed to half of all home foreclosure filings in 2006.4

* This category includes claims caused by neck and back pain; joint, muscle and tendon disorders; foot, ankle and hand disorders, etc.

Disability insurance is not designed to replace all of your income, but it can be designed to replace most of it. Many employers that offer and pay for disability coverage believe that they are providing a benefit to their employees. Unfortunately, the disabled employee ends up being taxed on the disability benefit, thus receiving far less than they bargained for! We can show you a several of ways to design the best possible disability plan.

Be careful when selecting a disability policy. Less expensive coverage is usually less expensive for a reason. Policy contracts can have substantial limitations. In other words, when you need it most, the coverage may not be there. Selecting the right coverage is vital and Smith & Company can recommend the best coverage for you.

Please contact us and let us help!

1 Council for Disability Awareness, Long-Term Disability Claims Review, 2012
2 The American Journal of Medicine, June 4, 2009 Medical Bankruptcy in the United States, 2007: Results of a National Study; David U. Himmelstein, MD, Deborah Thorne, PhD, Elizabeth Warren, JD, Steffie
3 Woolhandler, MD, MPH U.S. Courts, Bankruptcy Statistics, 12-Month Period Ending December 2007
4 Get Sick, Get Out: The Medical Causes of Home Mortgage Foreclosures, Christopher Tarver Robertson, Richard Egelhof, & Michael Hoke; August 8, 2008

Dental Insurance – Click Here For Quotes

Diabetes? Heart Disease? Osteoporosis? Your dentist may know before you do.

According to Delta Dental, Research has proven that 90% of all systematic diseases have oral manifestations, including swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth and excessive gum problems. Some of these diseases include:
• Diabetes
• Leukemia
• Oral cancer
• Pancreatic cancer
• Heart disease
• Kidney disease
Baby boomers are especially vulnerable to developing diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease, the risks of which increase with age. Researchers believe that symptoms of these conditions can manifest in the mouth, making dentists key in diagnosing the diseases. For example:
• Bad breath and bleeding gums could be indicators of diabetes.
• Dental x-rays can show the first stages of bone loss.
• A sore and painful jaw could foreshadow an oncoming heart attack.
Get a quote now!

Delta Dental Humana

Auto – Click Here For Quotes

If you are considering shopping for auto insurance coverage, consider combining your insurance with the same carrier as your homeowner’s insurance. Discounts of up to 25% are not uncommon. In addition, do not wait until the last minute. Know when your renewal is, and start shopping 30 days in advance. Doing so may afford even greater discounts for shopping and deciding early.

You do not necessarily need to shop every single year. Your renewal price is based on several factors, but your credit score has a lot to do with your rates. Colorado experiences significant weather patterns, and has also experienced catastrophic losses from forest fires. This perils can also impact your renewal price.

Make sure that you have the proper coverage. Try to avoid only getting the minimum level of liability protection. The cost to bring up your coverage is usually very minimal. With the advent of increased medical costs, and the price of cars constantly going up, the minimums required by the State of Colorado can leave many unfunded expenses.

To find out how little the added protection costs, check out rates from Safeco

Get a quick quote from Safeco!


Download the Home Inventory Spreadsheet today!

We encourage you prepare inventory of the contents of your home and outbuildings, and update it regularly. It is also advisable to store this inventory list off-site of the insured property. Videotaping or photographing is the most reliable way to assure adequate recovery. The link above will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet to aid you in this process.

Also, knowing the cost that it will take to replace your home and detached buildings is crucial to having the proper insurance coverage. As the Policyholder, you are solely responsible for determining whether the policy limit, together with the other terms of the policy, provides sufficient coverage to rebuild the covered structures in accordance with current building codes.

We can assist you in determining the proper amount of coverage that you need. As a result, we ask that you contact us directly for your homeowner’s quote so that we can best match coverage and price for you. Remember, the cost to rebuild should never be confused with the market value of a home. Replacement cost may exceed the market value. It is also important to update your policy to reflect any improvements, or updates to your home.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is inexpensive, and a necessity. Many landlords now require that their Renter’s insurance covers kitchen fires, water damage, burglary, and much more. You can include liability coverage and have additional emergency living expenses covered. Don’t let someone else’s BBQ become your nightmare!

Umbrella Insurance / Excess Liability

This a great way to get additional liability coverage at a very low cost, and use the coverage in combination with your homeowner’s auto, and even your toy coverage (boats, motorcycles, and atv’s). The umbrella policy provides coverage beyond the basic liability limits and might provide coverage where the basic policy has gaps. This is prudent to have if you have young drivers, you are self-employed, or if you are a high-income earner.