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4 Documents That Every Parent Needs for Their 18 year-old

Although becoming an adult has privileges, there are risks that every parent should be aware of. The following documents can save you from frustration, and aggravation:

  • Medical Power of Attorney
    • Gives parents the authority to make medical decisions. Each State determines when this will take effect, but in times of crisis this is a necessity.
    • Around age 18 is when certain mental health issues can manifest themselves.
    • Used to find out status of the child, if admitted to the hospital
  • HIPAA Authorization
    • Allows the Doctor to speak with the parents, or with whoever the student chooses.
    • Required when trying to resolve medical claims.
  • Financial Power of Attorney
    • Important to manage child’s finances
    • Helpful if child were to become incapacitated, and help avoid the costly and lengthy process of having to appoint a Legal Guardian.
    • If the student travels abroad, or may need assistance due to fraud.
  • Education Records Release
    • Avoid be shocked by a scholarship that was cancelled because all the necessary paperwork is not in order.

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